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Dance from Around the World

Explore traditional and culturally-specific dance forms from the United States and around the world. This list brings together performers and choreographers who preserved these forms and presented them to American audiences:

BALASARASWATI -- from India, she helped introduce bharata natyam to the world

ASADATA DAFORA -- from Sierra Leone, he introduced West African dance & drama to the United States

CHUCK DAVIS -- African-American, he presents African dance, music & culture in the U.S. and internationally

MATTEO AND CAROLA GOYA -- American, they popularized Spanish dance & the study of ethnic dance forms

HULA -- traditional dance form of Hawaii

'IOLANI LUAHINE -- native Hawaii, performer and teacher of hula

JOSE GRECO -- born in Italy and raised in the U.S., he introduced Spanish dance to mass audiences

NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE -- a wide array of traditional dance forms of indigenous peoples of North America